The AdBuySell Online Classifieds-Network are delighted to introduce you to DailyShopper.com.au their new discount department store with a vast range of quality brand products – A 100% Australian owned and operate online shopping site.

DailyShopper.com.au follows the very simple theme, that of excellence. Great products are featured from the everyday to the extraordinary and great innovation and craftsmanship is applauded. The site is spectacular, it is a high performance website – great for shopping on the go – and is easy to navigate and pleasant to look at, therefore making your online shopping experiences a truly excellent one.

DailyShopper.com.au offers a range fashion, health and beauty, home and décor, pet products, camping and outdoor products, office supplies, technology and gadgets, toys and games and a selection of domestic and imported wines, beers and spirits at affordable prices. With new products being added on a daily basis.

DailyShopper.com.au website presents quality and excellence from over 320 name brand products from all over the world, people who are excellent at what they do and excellent brands.

DailyShopper.com.au offers a full price range, from the A$2 Vintage Design Ring , a German made razor for men at A$10, to the A$360 Bottle of Krug Grand Cuve -Sharing Set-French Champagne or the SEIKO Mens-Velature Kinetic Watch at A$999 – there is something for everyone.

DailyShopper.com.au brands include, Advocate, Aquasun, Berkley, Braun, Bundaberg Rum, Casio, Coleman, Disney-Cars, EarthCo, Fisher Price, Frontline, Gasmate, LEVON’S, JCB, MATTEL, Ortiz, Phillips, SEIKO, William’s, Yaldara Wines and many more.

DailyShopper.com.au has an extensive and ever increasing list of Great Australian and International Brands from the world’s leading manufacturers.

DailyShopper.com.au distribution centre is located in Sydney, Australia and all orders are dispatched same day, ensuring the best in service to customers Australia wide and it’s Territories (Including: Christmas Island and Cocos (Keeling) Islands and Norfolk Is.)

DailyShopper.com.au All products are in our warehouse in Sydney, Australia. Warehouse Inventory in excess of $5 million.

DailyShopper.com.au When you place an order your generate an immediate Pick and Pack response from our warehouse staff. Once packed this generates the shipping order and a copy is sent to our customer so they know it is on the way. Customer can track their order via the transport company’s website.

DailyShopper.com.au Real-time stock control so you know your order is available and is going to be shipped

By Shopping at DailyShopper.com.au you are supporting Australian Business.

Your online shopping need not be a chore, go to DailyShopper.com.au and immerse yourself in excellence.

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W: http://www.dailyShopper.com.au/

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